Mattia Baldi was born in 1983 in Rome, Italy. His passion for art was inherited from his family; Mattia's great-uncle, Raffaele Baldi, was also a commercial and artistic photographer, active in the 1920 and 30’s. Raffaele Baldi taught himself photography as a boy, and later went into business as architectural photographer working close by to James Anderson’s studio in Rome.  He first encountered Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the mastermind and leader of the iconoclastic Futurist movement, in 1930. Aside from his forays into abstraction, of which Linear Harmonies is an example, Baldi's Futurist experiments included photomontages and the first photograms made under the banner of Futurism. He lived all of his life working as professional photographer and as an artist.

Mattia’s father Mauro shared a similar passion for art with his uncle, Raffaele, since young age he was introduced to the art of photography at high level, studio shooting and darkroom printing techniques. Mauro have worked in Italy as photo editor and journalist for different publishing houses active in the 80’s especially active for the magazine Fotografare, the most important photography magazine in Italy for over 50 years.

Mauro and other members of Mattia’s family introduced him since young age to British literature, the occult, the Victorian Age and Romanticism in Art. The creative members of his family stoked these interests as he developed his love for art in his parents house, heavily influenced with art and literature based around these subjects. Mattia started with FineArt In 1995, He began working as painter and illustrator for magazines and in 1999 he progressed to working on figurative oil paintings. After graduating from the Traditional Artistic High School he attended with full scholarship The Academy of Fine Art in Rome, graduating with top marks, and receiving a bachelor's degree in Classical Painting. In the early 2000s, during his studies at the Academy, he found his family roots and the power of photography. He began to understand the unique way it could assist him in conducting personal research on the human condition and his personal view of the world today. In 2004 Mattia completed his Master's degree in Photography at S.R.F. in Rome, where he continued to develop his skills and exploration into studio and large format photography. Since then Mattia has worked primarily with photography, for both advertisement, commercials and varying artistic projects.

For several years Mattia was the Official In-house Photographer for WPP Advertising Agencies, creating and assisting with many successful advertisement campaigns. He was also Photo Editor for ENI Energy and Petroleum Company and has been published in many international newspapers, fashion magazines and is present in international artistic collections.

Mattia provides visual advertising services, devises fashion editorials and produces contemporary art projects.